Wandregal Hängeregal Regal Ablage Wandboard Wabe Schwarz 40x12x35cm [en.casa]

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  • This decorative shelf was born by inserting three storage surfaces in one beautiful metal frame, that becomes the gem of any stylish household. The shelf can be mounted on the wall easily. Perfect for storing books, indoor plants, spices - this shelf is going to be the new home for your favourite everyday items.
  • Description: - form: hexagonal - number of storage surfaces: 3 - easy and quick wall-mounting - max. capacity: 3 kg per surface
  • Material: - Shelf frame: metal - shelves: wood Color: - shelf frame: black - shelf: wood Sizes: - total (LxWxH): 40 x 12 x 35 cm - one shelf (LxWxH): 18,6 x 18 x 0,9 cm each
  • Scope of Delivery: 1x wall-mounted shelf (with mounting equipment)
  • Trademark product by [en.casa]


Das moderne und stylische Wandregal dient als nützliche Ablage und lässt sich ganz einfach an der Wand montieren.


- Wabenförmiges Wandregal
- Anzahl der Ablageflächen: 3
- Einfache und schnelle Wandmontage
- Belastbarkeit: Bis ca. 3 kg pro Ablage


- Regal: Metall
- Ablagefläche: Holz


- Regal: Schwarz
- Ablagefläche: Holzfarben


- Gesamt (LxBxH): 40 x 12 x 35 cm
- Ablage (LxBxH): je 18,6 x 11 x 0,9 cm


1x Wandregal inkl. Montagematerial

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